write your book like a boss

craft your writing life so you can write your book

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This 5-week class focuses on you, the writer, so you can get to the business of writing your book.

You have the idea, you have the desire, you might even have your outline, but when you sit down to write, all your brilliance seems to have gone the way of the dodo and you are stuck staring at your screen once again reaching for that glass of wine.

Sound familiar? Then this class is for you. In this course, you will join a group of fellow, amazing writers facing similar struggles. We will work intensely on crafting your writing mindset and giving you the tools and skills to break through blocks, overcome procrastination, and maintain your focus so you can write your book like a boss.

There are a lot of great coaches and programs out there that can help you go through the steps of writing your book. But, writing a book is a long haul process, and unless you have the right writing mindset and supports in place, then those tools won’t help you if you can’t focus, if you keep procrastinating, or you find yourself staring at a blank screen or out the window every time you sit down to write.

By the end of this class you will have:

  • A complete toolkit for dealing with writer’s block, anxiety, procrastination, and focus

  • An understanding of the different distractions and disruptions that take you out of your writing flow, their underlying causes, and how to manage them

  • A clear vision for your book and a connection to your voice

  • A community of writers just like you who want to support you and watch you succeed, i.e. your tribe

  • A writing schedule and plan to get your book done

  • A writing practice that supports your goals

In addition, you will get a bonus 1:1 coaching call with me and access to a free copy of my Breaking Down the Book, a practical guide that breaks down book writing into smaller, achievable pieces so you can write that book like the boss you are.

Classes are $675 and start on May 27th. Sign up and reserve your spot now. Class size caps at 12.