Happy Clients

Gabriella Torres Final Files-29.png
Over the course of just a few months, my previously abandoned drafts turned into polished book manuscripts. I rediscovered the joy in my writing process and confidently branched out into new creative endeavors, too. And the best part is I now find myself growing and improving all the time, in all areas of my life, simply by anticipating the energy of our next session.
— Susan Barbour, writer and artist, California
Gabi is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her kindness and expertise illuminated my soul to work harder. She respected my writing style, voice, and pace. And she challenged my imagination to bring my piece into the reader’s world. She definitely has a knack for bringing out the writer in you. I highly recommend her!
— Christy Troy, Blogger, Michigan
Gabi is special. She is what your soul needs when you’re not sure what will help. She listens with her whole heart, advises with her kind spirit and pushes you to gently challenge your belief system. Gabi helped me identify something that was holding me back, and the very next day I could feel a difference. If you need inspiration, joy, or encouragement to take the next step, reach out to Gabi. You’ll love that you did.
— Jill Benjamin, Life Coach, North Carolina
I’ve been on a roll since we’ve started working together. You inspire me to kick butt and take some names.
— Eden Gillott, PR & Communications Executive, California